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Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic medicine and surgery has advanced tremendously over the past three decades.High morbidity rates in procedures such as breast implant surgery, tummy tucks, aggressive facelifts or eyelid reductions, are now a thing of the past. And though some countries operate as destinations for those looking for cheaper (though not always properly regulated) procedures, some emerging markets are seeing a boom for particular operations.

Limb-lengthening procedure

In a bid to improve career and marriage prospects, painful limb lengthening procedures are on the rise in India and can add as much as three inches to someone’s height.
The principles have been adapted from techniques that plastic and orthopaedic surgeons use in major trauma or in children with stunted growth. Limbs can be encouraged to lengthen using pins and an Llizarov frame, which can be slowly (and painfully) adjusted. The section of bone supported by the frame is surgically “broken” and over subsequent weeks the frame is made longer. The gap that develops fills with new bone.
This is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries to perform, and people are doing it after just one or two months’ fellowship, following a doctor who is probably experimenting himself. There are no colleges, no proper training, nothing.

Mons pubis

Surgery for female genitalia includes the “designer vagina” and labial reduction – which some argue comes close to being female genital mutilation (FGM) when it’s a cosmetic rather than a needed gynaecological procedure

What is becoming more popular though is Mons pubis reduction, which targets the area of skin in the pubic area. As we age, the tissues slacken and bulge and this can manifest in what has been called the “boy bulge crotch”. Some men who are not well endowed might not find it too problematic but some women find it embarrassing
While cheap surgery is increasingly available, those seeking cosmetic procedures do need to take note of risks and make sure that regulatory procedures in their chosen destination are up to scratch.

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bum, tum and boobs

The majority of surgical requests are for “improvements” to breasts, abdomen and buttocks.
India lead the world in aesthetic surgery developments and ideas, from new types of breast implants to  abdominoplasty – where excess flesh is removed from the abdomen – and the Butt LiftsTo go with the butt lift, the Indian also developed buttock muscle exercises that can produce amazing results in addition to fat grafting and implants, especially for treating skin looseness after massive weight loss

Nose jobs

Liposuction and eyebrow pigmentation – where permanent tattoos are used to block in brows – are popular. But also nose jobs.

In a more conservative country where many women may dress more modestly, accentuating facial features can be one way to enhance beauty.

Radical facial surgery

Surgery is cheap, efficient, and excellent facilities have come out of the old American hospitals which now cater for the global medical tourism market. This overseas market is a significant contributor to the country’s GDP.

Facial surgery is widespread and used to create more V-shaped chins, smaller noses (the second most common operation, perhaps because nasal bridges in Asia tend to be flatter and it’s easy to insert implants) and to alter eye shapes.