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What is Medtour Assist?
Medtour Assist provides Various Types Of Medical Tourism Services. We Are Associated With The Healthcare Providers And Experts Who Have Contributed In Their Own Ways Towards The Betterment Of The Healthcare Industry. With Their Help And Guidance, We Will Provide You With All The Necessary Assistance You Would Need To Avail Any Type Of Treatment Or Service.
How to reach us?

Medtour assist

India is considered as one of world’s medical centers, and it continues to provide health services to the whole World especially with its hospitals, specialist doctors, experienced nurses and high quality infrastructure, which are all accredited to international quality standards. 

Medtour assist as a health tourism consultancy chooses the best doctors and hospitals for you and after doing that it gives you the opportunity for a lovely vacation to help you relax. 

Not only health tourism consultancy we also give consultancy in all kinds of things like hotel reservations, accommodation, flight tickets, visa applications, transportation and anything else you need help with.

How do reach us?

First meeting 
When you reach us using our website , our agent in your country, a relative or a friend recommendation or one of our clients, social media or any other channel you instantly become our guests. 
All you have to do is filling our patient form on our website, attaching your test results, X-ray, Mri etc. Moreover, sending them to us. 

Medical diagnosis and treatment plan.
After sending us your test results our team chooses the best hospital and doctor for you, deliver your test results to your doctor, put a treatment plan according to the medical diagnosis, and send it to you. 

Treatment approval, flight tickets, hotel reservation and transportation. 
İncase of your approval to our treatment plan we immediately make a reservation to the best and closest hotel to the hospital where you will be having your treatment. As for your flight tickets we can provide some good offers from our contracted airline and buy it in case of your approval, Moreover we pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel in addition to the transportation between your hotel and the hospital. 

Tours, trips and vacations 
After your treatment is finished, we can provide you upon your request with some cultural and natural trips that will help you relax. 

Post Treatment Services
After your treatment, our team keeps in touch with you to make sure that your treatment was successful.

The cost of treatments are so low, how is that possible?
The Rate Of Conversion Is One Of The Main Reasons Why The Treatment And Medical Procedures Are Priced Economically. Another Reason Behind The Low Charges Is Because India Is Still A Growing Market In The Field Of Medical Tourism. You Can Enjoy A Perfect Holiday, Avail The Best Treatment In India, And Still End Up Saving Money.
I am worried about the quality of the treatment
We Understand Your Concern Given The Fact That The Treatment Costs Are Low. You Can Be Rest Assured That Even Though The Prices Are Economical And Budget Friendly, There Are No Compromises Made On The Quality Of The Services Provided By The Healthcare Facilities And Service Providers Of India.
Do you handle the Visa arrangements or should I get it done from my home country?
Yes, We Do Handle Visa Arrangements And Provide The Necessary Service To Get Your Visa Processed. You Do Not Have To Worry About Hiring Someone To Arrange The Visa For You. We Will Provide You With A List Of Documents Needed In Order To Process Your Visa As Well As Send You The Relevant Forms. All You Have To Do Is Fill The Form, Sign Where Needed And Attach The Relevant Documents. We Will Do The Rest For You.
Would I have to wait a long time to get my appointment?
Time Is A Crucial Aspect When It Comes To A Person’s Health. One Of The Best Things About Availing Medical Treatments In India Is That There Is No Waiting Time. As Soon As Your Visa Is Issued, You Will Be Taken Directly To The Hospital Or Healthcare Facility On Arrival So That You Can Start Your Treatment Immediately.
How do I choose the hospital or healthcare facility?
Our Experts Will Provide You With All The Necessary Assistance And Guidance You Would Need In Order To Choose The Right Hospital. You Can Also Get In Touch With Any Of Our Representatives In Case You Have Any Questions Or Want Further Information About The Options Available For You.
Where will I stay and how will I travel in the country?
You Do Not Have To Worry About Your Travel And Accommodation Arrangements. We At Medicus Will Take Care Of It. Whether It Is Arranging For Your Stay And Travel During Your Treatment Or Post Your Treatment, We Will Handle Everything For You.
What will happen when I get back home post my treatment in India? Will I have to change it again?
No, Once You Have Finished Your Treatment In India, You Will Be Provided With All The Necessary Documentation And Reports. Even When You Go Back To Your Home Country, You Can Continue The Same Treatment With Your Doctor Back Home. This Way, There Will Be No Changes (Unless Necessary) In Your Treatment Until You Recover Completely.