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Fertility Treatment

Medical tourism in India is a popular option for many that live abroad. There are many couples that come here for treatment of various ailments including infertility treatment and during their convalescence, they visit different places in India. The reason for this popularity is because India provides world-class medical treatment with the best-equipped hospitals, with the top of the line infrastructure, and the most qualified doctors at reasonable rates. This reason is enough why couples want to visit the country.

Why is India the best country to take infertility treatment?

Whereas most other nations of the world provide IVF treatment as part of their general health services or as small individual services for patients, India’s infertility treatment sector is well defined and has developed to a super speciality level. This sector is seen to continuously invest in modern treatment methods which have made it possible to reach out to patients that are suffering from infertility in different countries around the world.

Given below are some of the major advantages of taking infertility treatment in India:

  • The most advanced medical facilities with international accreditation are available
  • Doctors are highly qualified and experienced in the field of embryology; so is the supporting staffs
  • The IVF cost in India is very competitive, at least 60 to 80 percent lower, making it a viable option for most couples from anywhere in the world
  • The cost savings are significant
  • International patients can avail of health cover
  • Staff is trained in administering healthcare of high standards to international patients
  • Remote follow-up assistance is provided for patients
  • There are no long waiting queues
  • Tourists from specific countries can avail of the visa on arrival facility
  • Facilities such as translator, private room with facilities, and dedicated staff to look after international patients available
  • The medical treatment trip can be effectively combined with a fun holiday trip or business trip and such an environment is seen to increase the success rate of the treatment


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Our team of experienced doctors and nurses along with the support staff offer customised treatment plans for each of our international patients. Patients that opt for international IVF treatment are also provided with different financial programs that will help to reduce the medical costs. The treatment program is also set in up in such a manner that it entails only a minimum amount of travel for international patients.