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I´ve been having issues with my vision in the past several years, my vision was blurry, I looked for better options for eye care outside the UK. And the reason is simple; I couldn´t afford one of these procedures in here, prices were too high for me. While I was looking for some options I found Medtour Assist, they offered me at least 70% less in comparison what I was going to pay here, I’ve got the financing option, and now I can afford to have my perfect vision, my eyes have never been better.

Terry John

Lasik Patient, UK

I never felt comfortable with my body, felt like I was kind of chubby with too much stomach fat. My gym time expired, I wasted too much time in there with no results, it was frustrating. I accepted the challenge of the surgery and applied for a liposuction with abdominoplasty; the outcome was fantastic! Excellent attention and very professional, I would not mind coming back in the future. Also, Bogota was a great place! Loved the people.

Amina Al Matooq

Liposuction and Abdominoplasty patient, Bahrain

After some bad dental interventions in my hometown, I felt like my denture was falling apart. My cousin, he is a dentist, he insisted that I should apply for dental implant and I have always wanted to renew my smile. But I could not afford it here , my dental plan won’t cover, so I looked for a cheaper option. I´ve never thought about leaving the country for a healthcare until I found Medtour assist, they guide me in the right direction I was looking for, before the procedure I was completely lost and absolutely losing my teeth, I couldn’t hold it any longer, now I have the confidence and security to smile to my friends and family

Mohammed Al Jabri

Dental implants patient, Oman

I´ve never liked my nose shape, I thought it was pointy and too big for my face, I wanted it to be more profiled, elegant and feminine. It has been on my mind for a long time to go for a plastic surgery, always looking for a cheaper option. Medtour Assist made this possible, I flew to India for a rhinoplasty, and the outcome was terrific! I have never been happier!

Zainab AlQamishi

Nose job patient, Kuwait